"Consistent support for the information-conscious society by safeguarding benchmarks in education, library and information service provision"

Personal Mission

“To provide training, guidelines and standards for a minimum set of operational services that enable the community's ”

  • 95%

    Senior/Top Management Courses

  • 85%

    Middle/Junior Management Courses

  • 90%

    Business Marketing and Sales Courses

  • 100%

    Library and Information Services Management Courses


    • Development of learning content in Education, Library and information Science for Schools, Colleges and Institutions.
    • Development of skills acquisition modules for reader development and ICT.
    • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training programmes for administrators, educationist, entrepreneurs, librarians, information service providers and teachers-librarians.
    • Setting standards for professional practice in service delivery, facilities, book stock and infrastructure in education.
    • Library and Information service products, develoment and dissemination.
    • Inculcating management and leadership perspectives for development.
    • Creating and strengthening good reading habits in children from an early age.
    • Presenting e-learning platforms for distant teaching and learning.
    • Providing data for research and policy decision making.
    • Developing of libraries and multimedia resource centres.
    • Marketing of books and library equipment.
    • Publishing of teaching and research resources.